The Value of Art

 The question "What is the Value of Art?" is relative old and has been around since the beginning of the 20th century.We can only appreciate why the art value has became a problem,due to very little knowledge and why our view about art was forced to change.
 In the history of human existence,art had been centered on illustrating religious belief.Nevertheless,after the industrial revolution that gave way to technology evolution,art had taken different orientations.Additionally the photography was invented.That meant a lot because it was no longer needed to pay a painter to create a family portrait or a depiction of a landscape.
 This was the beginning of art concept collapse.It was looking like the evolution started to kill art on stages and like that the Modernism had been born.This was the beginning of a new journey of art into stylistic and philosophic experimentation.Like this art was reinvented and started to focus to find a reason for what it stands for.
 In the meantime the events of the first and second world wars and the advances in science by discovering the atomic bomb make us realize in a very painful way our potential of self-destruction.In the spur of the moment we realized that it was foolish to put our faith in science and technology.Also a lot of people started to believe that if there was a God,He most likely forgot about us.
 So where once was place for optimism,hope and belief,now all that had been replaced with skepticism.With no place to go,we started with a certain discomfort to face ourselves in the mirror.But this was a one way road for art and for the life itself.
 In the 1940s and the 1950s the Abstract Expressionism was born and the artists started to envelop the principle "Art for Art's sake".Abstract Expressionism opened our eyes and make us realize that art shouldn't necessary represent intellectual ideas or actual things and as a effect the experience of art absconded beyond word revelation.Abstract Expressionism was art in its pure form,the ultimate curator of truth and immaterial.
 Certainly in the 1980s Art converted to a huge business.Even in our days various artists are admitted as being artists by the popularity and the financial achievements of their expositions.
 To get to the conclusion is to be able to make the difference between Art and that which disguise itself as art:Art contrary:the fake.This is a problem in fact,because the only one that knows the exclusive source of the articulation is the artist.The attendant can only stay in front of the composition and be altered or not.Art has a strange way to get inside us and live within us long after we walked away.  
 But still the inquest role itself:"What is the Value of Art?"
 Despite whether you advance the idea that art represents definite objects,emotional states,or abstract ideas,there is one compact theme that we can find thruout the history of the production of Art:it's art being used as a communication form.
 The Value of Art rests in its ability to communicate. 

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